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Brickwell Trade In & Trade Up

What is your used bike worth? Come Find Out! We've partnered with, and we now accept trade-ins in all Brickwell Cycling locations.

All it takes is just three easy steps:

Bring your used bike any Brickwell Cycling retail location. Bikes that qualify will be: 2005 model year or newer, and original MSRP of $500 or more. Collect your final valuation at Brickwell Cycling checkout. You can use the widget below to get a valuation estimate today. Receive a trade-in credit towards that fancy new ride or a Brickwell Cycling gift card for future purchases.

Please Note: Due to changes in popularity, 26" wheeled bike trade in values will be about 20% less than the price shown below.

Some things to mention:

Your bike should arrive to us clean, functioning, and in sellable condition. If your bicycle will require service and/or parts these factors will deduct from your trade-in value. To do our part to fight bike theft and for your security, we will require the following to process a trade in:

  1. A valid driver's license.
  2. Serial number on the bike must not be defaced or destroyed.
  3. A signed statement that the bicycle is yours to sell (provided)

Some other fine print:

Before you load up your bikes and family into the car, please consider the following:

  • For bikes that do not exist in our database, an ad hoc good faith valuation will be made.
  • valuations assume all stock-componentry. Any upgrades/downgrades from the original specification will be taken into account.
  • Some bikes may not qualify for resale and therefore will not be eligible. Many department store bikes (Huffy, Magna, Next) will fall into this category.
  • Trade in value is loaded onto a Brickwell gift card which can be used immediately or saved for later.
  • Di2 and EPS owners - be sure to bring your chargers
  • There is a $80 processing fee which covers packing and shipping of your trade-in
  • 26" wheeled bike trade in values will be about 20% less than the price shown above.



Ebay Program

Brickwell Cycling and Multisports Ebay Program

Simply drop off your items at any Brickwell location and we will take the photos, write the listing, answer the questions, box and ship them.  

About one week later what once was just taking up room is now store credit that can be used at any Brickwell location.  

With all our positive feedback and the experience of running tons of auctions a week, we will get top dollar for your items.  

You will receive 75% of the auction's final selling price in the form of a gift card as soon as it's over.  The other 25% pays for the PayPal and Ebay listing fees.

Trade it in

Don't want to wait for the auction to end?  Let us let us make you an offer and get your gift card right then and there.