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110playharder Overdrive Compression & Ice Kit (White)
COMPRESSION SOCK + ICE SLEEVE FOR PLANTAR, ACHILLES, ANKLE, SHIN, FOOT & CALVES The first compression sock to transition from high performance to active recovery in one step, Overdrive delivers the benefits of compression and the power of ice to heal common injuries such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, shin splints, forefoot and calf pain. The Overdrive Kit includes: 110% Compression Sox (Black): Engineered for recovery and performance, the gradient compression enhances circulation while the unique design protects your legs and feet from the wear and tear of long tough workouts. The roomier toe box, arch support and non-binding top band make them exceptionally comfortable and ideal for travel too. (Kit includes one pair of compression socks) 110% Compression Ice Sleeve (White): Engineered to make rehab simple, Overdrive’s Ice Sleeve allows for targeted placement of 110% Reusable Ice Inserts to prevent swelling and reduce inflammation. The soft compression sleeve fits perfectly over the compression sock with openings at the arch of the foot, the ankle and just below the knee. (Kit includes one pair of compression sleeves)
110playharder Flat Out Sox
$45.50 - $65.00 $60.00 - $65.00 Up to 30% Off
GRADIENT, ZONED COMPRESSION SOCKS Flat Out Compression Sox boost circulation and stabilize muscles for optimal performance and maximum recovery. Outrageously comfortable, Flat Out’s are the only compression socks with targeted compression zones; the bold graphic design works a lot like kinesiology tape - supporting major muscles to reduce fatigue, enhance endurance and speed recovery.
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